Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Critical Reflection B


      The use of technology was extremely helpful. All the websites and its content that was needed for this assignment were accurate, informative and up to date. This allowed me to learn more about media censorship in a broader sense and made me look at this issue in different perspectives. Also, having access to technology helped me spread this concern easily. Other people have the opportunity to read my blog through the internet in order to be aware of this. Furthermore, sharing my knowledge lets me know that I have a voice. That  I am able to speak for myself and what i believe in. Therefore, technology has helped me realize that there are a lot of ways of helping make a difference, including speaking your own mind with the help of technology, as most people around the world have access to it.



 I am a huge fan of the internet. I go on it 24/7. This is where i get information about whats happening in the world, get updated with my friends, researching for school work, and just blogging to express my feelings about whats going on with myself or my opinions on things. That is probably why I was attracted of the issue of media censorship. As a person who is open to a lot of knowledge and expression, it makes me wonder and imagine the feeling of being oppressed of those rights. I have come to learn to value those rights because there are some that are not able to have them. The ones who are forced to keep quiet cannot stand up for what they believe in to make a change and the ones that challenge this oppresion can never feel safe because it will cause them harm. I now understand the importance of having a voice because it can change so much as to how our society works and just changing the world as we know it in general. It gives hope to people that need a transition in their life, and that anything is possible.



    The issue censorship reminds me of just being a child. When we were kids, we were always told to do by our elders on what they think is right. Some were right decisions, but some were not. However, we do not have the freedom to choose what is right for us because those elders think we do not know whats best. Then as time flies by, we grow, learn new things, and observe how the world is changing around us, this is when we start to rebel. Like the people from China, being oppressed by their right of freedom of expression pushes them to challenge on what they see as wrong.

    I wonder when China will finally make a change. We live in the twenty-first century, a room for changes, will the country be able to be more flexible on how to rule its people? I certainly hope it can change for the better for its people because if they dont, people will still keep pushing. Especially when they feel strongly oppose to this ruling of media censorship. Its the right to express ones self, no one should take away that from anyone. This kind of problems is what drives activists to fight for freedom.

  To address such a big issue as this, I am nowhere in the position to suggest solutions to this problem. I think that it is so complex that even if I research on and on about it, I would still not have enough information to support my argument in order to put a stop to it. It has been going on for a long period of time that if it was such an easy problem, it would have been solved long ago. Furthermore, such a country as China who is one of the few last remaining communist countries in the world shows the strength and will to prevent any changes in their old ways.They are strongly sticking to their beliefs in order to protect their country. Now, the government feels that if they open themselves to the new and modernized world, they would also get assimilated in the western culture.This is because a lot of countries in the world are already influenced with the Western ways by media. Therefore, the only thing we can do is to hope for their government to be open minded to factors that will change their country for the better and be considerate to the people that are shouting for freedom.

     The players and stakeholders of this issue is basically the government versus its people. The government is the one who is oppressing the activists and reporters and other people who uses the world wide web to express their views in the world. They are responsible for the origin of cyber attacks that systematically target domestic and international human rights organizations working on China. The Chinese government detains a staggering number of people for daring to peacefully express their view. They routinely asserts that it only imposses restrictions on expression in line with the Chinese laws. In other words, they control the words that are going to be put out there in the web for the world to see. It has to meet their standards that it will put a perfect, good image of what the country is like even if it covers the truth. On the other hand, the Chinese people and its society are the ones that is fighting to lift this censorship that the government has put on them. They are motivated and willing to fight to end this problem and get their freedom. Although they have not achieved that goal, they are still hanging on and keep fighting in order for not to be silent. Similar to twitter, "weibos" which is banned in China sees users vent their anger and frustration on corruption scandals and the governments handling of disasters. So far, innovative bloggers have found a way to stay under the radar by getting creative with the different Chinese language characters and euphemisms to mean the same thing to express their perspectives. Therefore, it will be a long battle because of the people keep on pressing on to fight for their rights while the government will stay stubborn, keep a tight rein and control its people. Who will win?



Sunday, 15 January 2012


   There are always reasons as to why things happen, and dealing with these events are our choice. Unfortunately for others, the decisions are already made for them. In China`s case, the government has power to make one choice as everyones choice. This is where the media censorship issue comes in; it is one of the biggest concerns that the country is dealing with. One of the reasons why media censorship is implemented in this country is because the government wants to take full control of its country. And media can weaken that if it were freely given to its people because the freedom of expression can negatively affect and challenge its political authority; activists, bloggers and more can compose their opinions about the government and their desire of change in the world wide web. I think that they are afraid to make changes because doing so can throw away its communist government. Furthermore, according to the news article `China`s Censored Media Answers Back` that the propaganda officials really worries about is that those now pushing the lifting for censorship include not just journalists and activists, but also people in business, government and law who believe media reform is a necessary part of China`s modernisation. Therefore they are scared of this because one change can lead to many which can result to China losing its traditional ways.


Friday, 2 December 2011


       Do you have your own voice? Can you stand up for what you believe in? If you can, you are one of the many people that are able to. And then there are some who cannot express what they feel, what they think or what they can give. Media censorship is a serious issue that needs to be addressed and terminate. In my opinion, it is a way that denies human rights to people. For example, China Amnesty International notes that the country had the biggest recorded number of imprisoned journalists and cyber-dissidents in the world.Their people are not allowed to have an opinion that will jeopardize their political authority. If such act is shown, like blogging or commenting on any anti-communist articles will be erased within minutes as the government hired of more than 30 000 internet police. Furthermore, media censorship also prevents the internet users of China to gain any information that can ruin the country's image. For example, the information that we get from North America when we search the web about "Tienanmen Square" will give as results of photographs and reports of the protest to voice out for democracy that followed to the death of a pro-democracy official Hu Yaobang. However, if you are halfway around the world, in China, the search result will show nothing of the sort. The only thing that will appear will be photos depicting this beautiful plaza. Not only is media censorship denying the freedom of expression, but it also takes away the chance for people to be informed of knowledge of truth as the government tries to brainwash its people showing that China is a perfect, beautiful country. Therefore, the Chinese government has put a wall that separated itself from the moderning world to "protect" its traditional ways.